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We. Test. Everything

We test every product that comes through our doors. We beat on it, scratch it, submerge it in water, whatever we need to do to ensure quality for our customers. Should a product fail at any stage of these tests, it goes in the dumpster.

People Clapping

People Before Profit

People before profit is more than just a catchy tagline. With the homeowner being the base of our business and the reason the company was established in the first place, we want to give people a tried and true product at the best price we can.



StoneCore, or SPC in industry terms, is a dense, limestone core product, which makes it highly resistant to dents and scratches. This product is also 100% waterproof, as all of our StoneCore floors have been tested and proven to withstand total submersion.


Dustless Tile Removal

Just as the name says, tile removal done dustless! We have found that dustless removal is undoubtedly the safest and cleanest option when removing flooring, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to offer this service to those that need it.





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